BAH – Bloggers Against Hunger – Join Us

It’s time to talk hunger again.  Back in June, we had an awesome first go of BAH – Bloggers Against Hunger.  Thank you again to all the fabulous bloggers who participated.  A list of the links to all 17 blogs can be found here:


The idea behind BAH is to call attention to the problems of Hunger and Homelessness here in America.  Unfortunately, neither issue will be going away any time soon, so we, as human beings need to look for ways to create change and help.  Blogging on the issues is a way to reach out to a bigger audience and maybe prod some folks into doing some good.

I’m looking to do another round of blogs over a three day period, Wednesday November 12 through Friday, November 14, 2008.  Bloggers will have the option of posting a relevant blog any of those days or each of those days, whichever they prefer.

I think it would be great to have some kind of theme for this go round.  Something broad enough to encompass lots of thoughts, ideas and creativity.  Some of the thoughts I had for themes are:

There’s Got to Be A Better Way

How Can This Be Allowed?

Change is Good

Food, Shelter & Comfort

It’s Just Not Enough

Needless to say, I’m open to suggestions and thoughts, so please, list your ideas in the comments here.

Last round, I used MySpace as the primary blogging site, but there is also a Facebook Group, and my blog here at WordPress.  I welcome all participation, as the idea is to get the word out and to get people excited to do some good, using the blogosphere as a starting point. I really would like to find a way to expand the reach of the group, and once again, I turn to you for ideas.

If you would like to get involved in the next round, please let me know and I can link you up!

MySpace Group Link

Facebook Group Link