BAH – Bloggers Against Hunger

 This is not a fiction blog. I wish it were.


In 2006, 17% of children in America lived below the poverty line. 7% of children under the age of 18 live in extreme poverty, families with income of under $10,000 per year. 42% of those children living in single mother households are under the poverty level.



Children growing up in poverty start off behind the eight ball in so many different ways. These children tend to have poor health and trends toward chronic health issues, and trend toward higher risk behaviors such as smoking, drugs and sexual activity at a younger age. Their cognitive skills and academic ability are not up to the standards of those from higher income families.


I can almost understand how people have issues with hungry adults – all the ‘get a job’ things that relate to that (despite the fact that an adult earning minimum wage and paying taxes falls below the poverty line) and poor families having more children than they can afford.


But here’s the thing. We’re talking about kids here. Children. Little ones who had no say into which family they happened to be born to. Kids who deserve the same opportunities and education and health as those born into families with money. These kids didn’t ask to be born. These infants didn’t say, ‘hey, whoever is assigning families today, please place me in the suckiest possible situation. I want to struggle.”


Yes, here in America, there are ‘support’ systems in place. WIC, welfare and the like. But you know as well as I do, that too many people fall through the cracks. And those kids have no say over how the money is spent. Kids are hurting.


Don’t you think it would help if the celebrity culture would take the time to donate and call attention to the starving kids in their own backyard? Until they do, we need to take up the slack. Let’s face it, children shouldn’t be allowed to starve here in America.


I invite you all to join BAH – Bloggers Against Hunger. As of now, on one specified day in June (specific date to be determined), all members of BAH will be blogging on the issue of Hunger in America. They can blog an educational blog, personal stories, fiction, or whatever means they feel best calls attention to all those in America who are forced to use soup kitchens, food pantries or to go hungry.


Please join in and spread the word. Together, we can make a difference. I have a groups set up at both MySpace and Facebook, and will be happy to provide the link to those who want to get involved. Please leave a comment if you want more information!

By:  Lauren J. Walter   3/6/08